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Comedy chaos from two of the UK's best and brightest science communicators

Always wanted to give comedy a go but didn't know where to start? Have you got that one story from the lab you always tell?

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Your hosts

Sam Langford has over ten years experience in science communication. Whether it's delivering science shows, establishing the Global Science Show, interviewing astronauts or even sending a teacake into space, he's done a bit of everything.

Hana Ayoob is an events producer, speaker and illustrator. She loves bringing people together to explore science and the world around them. Hana performs science comedy and is one of the four hosts of the Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet? podcast.

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Multiple shows to get involved with

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From zoo-lol-ogical puns to queer cabaret, trips into space to musical variety shows, there is something for everyone to get involved with. 


Take a punderful dive into the animal kingdom! A show about the weird, the wonderful and the downright bizzare natural world. Whether you're a zoologist, an animal lover or someone with a wildlife story to tell, you're welcome to join our stage!

Next show: TBC

LOLs in Space!

We're going galactic! Join Sam, Hana and host Anu Damale for this show exploring the universe for the funniest comedians ready to tell jokes about star stuff and the infinite size of the Cosmos!

Next Show: 27th January 2022

Science is a Drag!

Science can be a drag, but it doesn't have to be! Join hosts Sam Langford and Carla Suciu for a celebration of the queer side of STEM. This show is open exclusively to LGBTQ+ scientists and includes comedy, songs, spoken word, sketches and more!

Next show: 15th February 2022

It's Raining LOLs!

The end is nigh, the world is ending and so we have to laugh bout it right? Join host Dr Craig Poku and climate scientists, storm chasers and anyone else who likes fog for this show about weather and climate.

Next show: TBC

Sam & Hana's Chaotic Cabaret

Get your jazz hands ready, splash on that (biodegradable) glitter and join us for a cabaret show unlike any other. With comedy, dance, poetry and more, this show has something for everyone!



Next show: TBC


Set your science to gas mark 5 & prepare for a three course meal full of belly laughs. This show, hosted by Dr Oz Ismail will leave your sides aching as we prepare a feast of hilarious scientists and foodies just for you!

Next Show: 30th March 2022

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Be paid to talk about science on our virtual stage and develop your scicomm skills

All acts who take part in our shows are invited to take a cut of the ticket sales and we can provide feedback and guidance for your acts!

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